How can I help?


I can come into your workplace and offer lunchtime (or whenever suits) sessions. These can be drop in and informal, or I can develop a six to eight week program of workshops targeting whatever you need. These can be developed in person or online.

A bee in a flowering Grevillea
Breathe, Meditate, Be…

Clubs and Groups

Maybe you are a member of a regular sporting group or book club and want to add something different to the dynamic? I can guide a monthly meditation or mindfulness practice for you all to learn together. Or I can guide a walking meditation in nature – an amazing way to heighten your awareness.


Holding a conference or retreat and want to set the right mood? Start the session with a relaxing meditation to help the whole group open up to new experiences.
In addition I offer my own, themed one-day retreats. Get in touch to learn about upcoming events.

Contact me

I’m always open to ideas, so if there’s something you want to do individually, in pairs or small groups, or in your workplace, contact me and I can tailor make a personal meditation and mindfulness experience for you.

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