“Meditation with Ann is very enjoyable and her soothing voice is extremely relaxing.” – Gill, meditation participant,

“Ann put everyone at ease as she guided us through a relaxing and restorative meditation.” – Annie, meditation participant.

“I thoroughly enjoyed the Mindful Meditation classes over the last eight weeks, I now find I can go into that Mindfulness a lot easier. Your lessons were great and learning to use the breathing techniques was a lot of help for me. Your voice is so calming and relaxing, so calming that I actually dozed off a few times!” – Chrys, meditation participant.

“I am truly pleased to have attended and will be continuing Ann’s meditation classes. Every session has been unique and has provided me with extra relaxation/mindfulness techniques that I am able to simply implement into my day. Thank you Ann!” – Tania, meditation participant.

Lotus flower candle holder in a bowl

“Ann provided an excellent session of meditation classes. I found them to be calming and relaxing. I intend to practice the techniques I learned at home. These sessions would be valuable to any individual or group of individuals, whether they are from a normal domestic environment, or from within a stressful workplace environment. Thank you Ann!” – Marilyn, meditation participant.

“Thank you so much for facilitating the program Ann. Although I have experienced meditation and mindfulness in the past, I constantly need to revisit and remind myself of their benefits to my daily emotional, physical and mental well-being state of mind. I have learnt more about implementing mindfulness from you, so thank you.” – Kathy, meditation participant.

Felt board with the wrod Breathe on it

“You have a natural way with these meditations and your voice relaxes me straight away. My week’s have always started fresh after our sessions.” – Pauline, meditation participant.

“I found your classes to be very enlightening and encouraging. The moment I experienced a peaceful mind took me by surprise, the hours following I was bright and energised. Ann has a calmness and energy that puts you at ease. Her experience and love for meditation shines through in every class. Each meditation session is an experience and you’ll be surprised where her gentle voice will guide you.” – Linda, meditation participant.

“Although I have been meditating for many years, I have found this course extremely useful as it has reminded me of many lessons I had learnt and forgotten. Also, I have learnt a couple of new methods of meditation that I have found very useful. I have also found Ann to be an excellent facilitator and teacher of meditation and thoroughly enjoyed the weekly sessions.” – Heather, meditation participant.

People sitting in chairs at meditation session
Meditation Group. Photo by Ann Lund.

“Thank you so much, this was a really wonderful inclusion in the conference, and you were terrific.” – Sacha, Women in Media conference attendee.

“Beautiful way to start the day. Very relaxing and very clear instructions.” – Women in Media conference attendee.

“A great way to kick off our day.” – Women in Media conference attendee.

“Beautiful guidance. Much needed practice.” – Women in Media conference attendee.

“I would highly recommend Ann’s sessions as they were well presented, and she has a lovely voice for guiding meditation.” – Wendy, meditation participant.

“I loved being guided through meditations with Ann. Her voice is calm and soothing and also gently commands the busy mind, helping bring you back to the present moment. I am not naturally ‘good’ at meditating in stillness (I find the movement of yoga at least helps me focus on something other than my thoughts) but being in stillness with Ann guiding me gave the best crack at being able to meditate.” – Susie, meditation participant.

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