Be my Valentine?

Valentine’s Day means different things to different people.

For a lot of people it brings up feelings of sadness and lonliness, which is why it’s worth thinking about it before you brag all over social media about your extensive cards, gifts or bunches of roses!

My husband and I decided many years ago we’d just gift each other a card, primarily because so many things are hugely inflated in price for this particular day.

Bunches of roses for sale for Valentine's Day
Some of the ‘cheaper’ Valentine’s Day roses

Even going out to dinner became challenging because most cafes/restaurants only offer a limited or set menu, at set price, and when you don’t eat meat and one of you has a nut allergy, it just becomes too hard.

A couple of years ago though my husband surprised me with a gift – a bunch of flowers that I would have to build myself – out of Lego!

Bunch of Lego flowers in a Vase
Lego flower bunch

Over the years we have developed a “Lego practice” which involves us building (and carefully following instructions – we’re no Lego Masters!) various things together.

It’s become a very mindful practice between us, because when we are doing it, we are focused on the build completely.

How many little things do we do every day that we could do more mindfully and get so much more from it?

For example with Lego noticing colours, texture, shapes, the feel of the bricks in your fingers and the way the build slowly comes together. How a piece that looks quite ordinary is suddenly part of something so extraordinary.

Recently we discovered Lego had produced a lovely (inexpensive) flower heart ornament, so we ‘treated’ ourselves as a joint Valentine’s gift.

Flower heart built out of Lego
Lego flower heart

This Valentine’s Day do something you enjoy, do it mindfully and show yourself some loving kindness.

Sending my heartfelt love to you all today 🙏

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