Meditation is a practice in which you use a technique to achieve a mentally clear, and emotionally calm and stable state.

Pull the plug…

I came across this quote today: “Almost everything will work again if you unplug it for a few minutes, including you.” – Annie Lamott It’s so true. But ironically I read this on my phone scrolling through my Facebook feed. I noticed how low the battery was and realised I’d been scrolling longer than I […]

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Where’s Nobbi…?

Earlier this week people around the world celebrated the Lunar or Chinese New Year, and this year is the Year of the Dragon. Which seems to be a very aptly named year so far. From the beginning of February we’ve been visited by a couple of dragons. No – not the fire breathing ones, but

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Lego and be mindful…

This Sunday is International Lego Day. It marks 66 years since the Lego Group filed a patent for their new building system on 28 January 1958. Although the company started back in the 1930s, this date really marks the start of the bricks we know and love today. My husband and I both loved Lego

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Just look up…

Do you ever get that feeling the world is trying to tell you something? I’ve had a number of things happen over the past week, saying exactly the same thing. Look up. First it was a friend visiting Adelaide and posting some pictures of the architecture. In her post she commented on how we should

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Free meditation sessions!

Delighted to announce I’ve been approved for meditation sessions through Moreton Bay’s Healthy and Active program again… Starting Friday February 2, 2024 at 9am at the Albany Creek Scout Hut… and running for eight weeks, plus they’re completely free for you to attend! Please email me to book in….

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Rest and digest…

We’re only 11 days into the new year, but I’d hazard a guess many people have already felt a sense of stress at some point. You know, when you feel under pressure, or not fully in control. I came across a great description of this feeling: It’s kind of like being on the starting line

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New year… new you?

With a new year I always feel like I’ve just hit the reset button. Starting over… starting fresh. A clean page. New ideas, plans, thoughts. Moving on from whatever happened last year… good or bad. My husband started a new job this week – that’s a huge new start for both of us. But with

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Let it snow?

There are many people who don’t find this time of year particularly ‘merry’, and the words going through their minds are possibly more like ‘no, no, no’ rather than ‘ho, ho, ho’. Whether you’re worrying about the cost of Christmas, presents and preparationss, coordinating and/or navigating family and friends, a plethora of social events, or

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