Meditation is a practice in which you use a technique to achieve a mentally clear, and emotionally calm and stable state.

Positive thinking…

It’s very easy to get caught up in the day-to-day of our busy lives. Barely giving time to reflect on the day… or if we do, it’s often on the negatives ‘why did I do or say that?’, ‘what does that mean?’, ‘did I do enough?’ How often do you stop and think – ‘Hey! […]

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Seasons in the sun…

I’ve mentioned before we don’t really have the traditional four seasons here in South East Queensland. But we certainly have different times of the year. There’s definitely winter (mid to late May until late August), and summer (anytime from mid-late September to late March). Then there are the seasons before winter and before summer. We’re

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Sock it to ’em…

When I was teaching journalism we always used to joke that there’s a day for everything. But it’s true. International Coffee Day. International Face and Body Art Day. Seriously, look them up if you don’t believe me! With a little bit of research the students could find what day it was, and as long as

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All the rage…

I found myself getting really frustrated at a website last night. My husband had forgotten to order something, and so asked me to do it while he drove home from work. I’d never used the site before so he had to guide me. “You can login top right,” he said. “Where?” “Top right, where it

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To have and to hold…

This Saturday is Husband Appreciation Day or World Husband Day. Apparently it’s a ‘thing’ on the third Saturday in April. As soon as I saw it my first thought was ‘oh that’s quite cute’. Because I really do appreciate my husband. Especially over the past few months following my foot surgery, he really has been

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Puzzle me this…

I love doing puzzles. All sorts – whether it be jigsaw puzzles, Sudoku, Wordle, quizes – whatever. I do them on paper as well as online, but every day without fail I do at least one puzzle. I get a daily Sudoku challenge on my phone, but if I miss it I’ll go and seek

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