Create your own sunshine

We recently we went to the Sunflower Festival in the Scenic Rim area of Queensland.

I just love sunflowers! I mean, who doesn’t – they are happy and bright – how can you not love them?

The weather forecast, until a few days before our visit, had been excellent. But on the day it was dull, cloudy and threatening rain.

It was also incredibly hot and humid.

But once in and among the flowers, I just couldn’t let the gloomy weather darken my day.

Person wearing a hat in a  field of sunflowers
In and among the sunflowers

These beautiful, glowing sunflowers that towered over us just made everyone smile.

There were squeals of laughter from children getting lost in the maze, and ooohs and aaahs from their parents trying to capture the perfect photo of them.

But what really blew me away was that the flowers were full of bees.

Happy, buzzy little bees going about their usual business, not bothering about all these people fussing about in their workplace.

It was just fascinating to watch them.

Close up of a sunflower with a bee in it
Bee on a sunflower

It reminded me of a quote I have framed in my meditation room:

Wherever you go, no matter what the weather, always bring your own sunshine
– Anthony J. D’angelo

I think it’s a lovely sentiment – create your own happiness.

Coincidentally, today is World Meteorological Day!

So whatever the weather is doing – wherever you are – take some time to find something, no matter how simple or small, to make you smile.🙏

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