It’s the small things in life

A couple of Christmases ago a friend gave me a little paperweight with a very simple message on it…

“Every small step is progress.”

My reaction (in true spirit of the great Australian film The Castle) was: “well that’s going straight to my meditation room.”

At the time I was just changing my life around, finishing off my formal studies and facing my final assessment to become a meditation and mindfulness teacher and guide.

The future was unknown, and I was starting to think about my business approach and what I wanted to do.

So indeed, every small step was progress.

Fast forwward 19 months later and I can’t quite believe what I have done in that time.

But things are a little bit on hold at the moment, as I recover from some major foot surgery, where the recovery is going to be long and slow.

So today I decided to do some work in my meditaton room.

My husband wheeled me in, in my temporary wheelchair and I noticed the little paperweight straight away, front and centre of my bookshelves.

Paperweight showing a pier at sunset with the words  'Every samll step is progress'
‘Every small step is progress’

It’s funny how something so small and simple can suddenly seem so pertinent.

From now on, any and every small step will most definitely be progress!


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