Can you meditate anywhere?

In theory, yes of course you can meditate anywhere.

Afterall, all you need to meditate is yourself.

But realistically, for most of us, it takes a bit more than that.

A while ago, I encouraged my husband to do a basic grounding practice whenever he was feeling a bit stressed.

It seemed to work when he was able to take himself away from his desk or somewhere quiet.

But the one place he found it really didn’t work for him was on the train, with all the regular announcements re stops etc.

Personally, I love meditating outside.

It’s really easy to tap into my senses – firstly noticing what I can see around me, then focusing on what I can hear and then what I can feel.

Person sitting on a log on a beach looking out to sea
Meditating on a beach

The sounds of the birds, distant traffic, the feel of the sun or air on my skin.

I absolutley love it.

But then someone might start up their loud motorbike or two-stroke lawnmower and that’s it… the sound is just too dominant for me and my focus gone.

We’ve found this sometimes at our weekly meditation sessions.

Traffic, birds, voices in the distance – no problem at all.

But if there’s a sudden noise close-by – it can become a distraction.

I always encourage participants to try to embrace it as part of what’s happening right now.

But sometimes, if they are deeply relaxed, that can be difficult.

Meditation is the ultimate mobile device; you can use it anywhere, anytime, unobtrusively.

– Sharon Salzberg

In the main I agree with this quote – meditation is a brilliantly mobile ‘device’ because, as I mentioned earlier, all you need is you.

Anywhere, anytime, unobtrusively.

You can certainly do it at any time.

You can also do it unobtrusively…

You can meditate with your eyes open, just soften and lower your gaze.

You can meditate in any position – seated, standing or lying down.

You don’t need any accessories, logins or passwords.

No-one will know what you are doing.

But anywhere?

I think that can be tricky for many people.

So if something disturbs your session, don’t give up or think you’ve failed.

Just try again later, or find a different location.

Being able to do it anywhere takes a little bit more work.

Hence why we call it a meditation practice🙏


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