Nature’s gifts…

I love this time of year, especially after the rain, when some plants come into vibrant flower.

Two of my favourites are the Jacaranda trees and the Frangipanis, and despite their popularity, neither are native to Australia.

The Jacaranda is from South America, but it’s very easy to think they are Australian, because at this time of year you see them everywhere.

Purple flowers on a Jacaranda tree
Our Jacaranda trees. Photo by Ann Lund.

Actually that’s not strictly true, most of the Jacarandas are going over now (they only flower for about a month), but for some reason the ones at the end of our driveway always flower late!

At the moment the purple hue is probably at its strongest, and after the recent rains, the driveway has become a purple carpet…

Jacaranda flowers on t eh floor
Jacaranda flowers carpeting our driveway. Photo by Ann Lund.

My two favourites have also combined forces this year, with some of the purple flowers of the Jacaranda falling on to the strikingly green Frangipani leaves.

Purple Jacaranda flowers on a Frangipani plant.
Purple Jacaranda flowers on a Frangipani plant. Photo by Ann Lund.

The Frangipani (Plumeria) is native to Central America, Mexico and Venezuela.

You would also think it’s native to Hawai’i.

It’s certainly one of their most famous flowers.

You smell and see the fragrant blooms everywhere – especially in leis handed to you as you arrive at the airport.

On our visit many years ago I bought a Plumeria (the name more commonly used in Hawai’i) styled necklace – I’d never seen jewellery pay homage to a flower quite like this.

While all Frangipani flowers are beautiful, I particularly love the pinky-yellow ones we have at home.

Pink and yellow Frangipani flowers.
Our gorgeous Frangipani flowers. Photo by Ann Lund.

A few years ago we had a major storm and our big Frangipani tree came down, but many people said just stick offshoots in the ground and they’ll grow – and sure enough they have – and they are stunning.

Raindrops on pink and yellow Frangipani flowers.
Frangipani. Photo by Ann Lund.

When I took this photo – I didn’t immediately notice the raindrops still on the petals.

Frangipani flowers with raindrops
Frangipani raindrops. Photo by Ann Lund.

This is why I love nature so much – the more you look at it, the more you see.

Wow. There’s a mindful experience going on right here!

Looking closely at the plant & its flowers…

Smelling their intoxicating sweet scent…

Then gently touching those smooth, soft and delicate petals.

Take a walk into your garden or local park…

See what’s flowering, or notice what plants resonate with you for whatever reason… and enjoy!


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