Just look up…

Do you ever get that feeling the world is trying to tell you something?

I’ve had a number of things happen over the past week, saying exactly the same thing.

Look up.

First it was a friend visiting Adelaide and posting some pictures of the architecture.

In her post she commented on how we should look up and notice things.

She’s so right.

I don’t know how many times we’ve been showing visitors around Brisbane and we stop to point things out, such as the date on a building, or the colourful facades.

Other people scurry past absorbed in their ‘got to be somewhere else right now’ busy lives.

Occasionally someone notices you are looking at something and they might just pause breifly to look up as well.

A lot of the time they don’t see you at all – or the buildings, dates and facades.

Sadly, and more often than not, they’re too busy looking at their phones.

Just look up!

My friend’s post reminded me of one of my favourite Christmas movies that we watched just a few weeks ago – Last Christmas.

In it Tom takes Kate on a walk through London and keeps telling her to ‘look up’.

Look up and see things she’s never noticed before.

I love this.

Be present in life – see things – be aware – be mindful.

Person standing looking up at the trees
Just look up. Photo by Michael Lund.

This week we’ve been watching an Australian TV series called Darby & Joan (it’s lovely, I highly recommend it).

In it, Joan, a woman visiting from the UK, keeps talking about looking up.

She loves looking up at the sky – the night sky in particular.

She sees the Milky Way and when she’s told by an Indigenous woman that they call it Emu Dreaming – she sees the emu.

It’s beautiful.

It’s a great reminder that we all need to stop sometimes, and just look up.

Look up and see what’s there.

Whether it’s at buildings, trees, clouds… it doesn’t matter.

Just look up.
Ann 🙏

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