Where’s Nobbi…?

Earlier this week people around the world celebrated the Lunar or Chinese New Year, and this year is the Year of the Dragon.

Which seems to be a very aptly named year so far.

From the beginning of February we’ve been visited by a couple of dragons.

No – not the fire breathing ones, but beautiful wild reptile ones.

The first one I noticed when I heard a scratching noise.

I was convinced there was something in the roof, but then I spotted a large Eastern Water Dragon at our front door.

I’m not quite sure what it was up to but have a sneaky suspicion it was rather taken with its own reflection!

Just a few days later I spotted a Nobbi Dragon running around the patio.

We have lots of little lizards running around (Geckos and Skinks) and we’ve had Nobbis before, but usually they are very timid and run off as soon as you move.

This one though seems quite taken with us and it’s become a bit of fun trying to guess where it’ll turn up next.

Photo of dragons in different locations
The Year of the Dragons. Photos by Ann Lund.

Sometimes it’ll pop up on the back of a chair, the next chilling by the pool.

It often joins us on the patio now lying on the candelabra in the late afternoon.

But he pops up on window screens and walls all over the house pretty much.

I nearly always start the day now with a “Where’s Nobbi…?”

We’re so lucky to be able to share our lives up close to nature, but often we don’t even notice it.

How many little lizards or insects have you maybe walked past today?

Sometimes it’s good to just stop and take a few minutes to look and notice what’s actually around you.

Even if it’s looking up at the sky and watching the clouds, it’s just making that space and time to stop.

Now, where’s Nobbi…?

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