To have and to hold…

This Saturday is Husband Appreciation Day or World Husband Day.

Apparently it’s a ‘thing’ on the third Saturday in April.

As soon as I saw it my first thought was ‘oh that’s quite cute’.

Because I really do appreciate my husband.

Especially over the past few months following my foot surgery, he really has been amazing.

But then I thought do we really need a day to appreciate someone?

We already have Father’s Day of course, but then not every husband is a father.

Then I thought well how often do I tell my husband how much I appreciate him and all he does?

It’s very easy when you’re comfortable in a relationship to start to take each other for granted.

We get so caught up in our own busy world that we can forget those little acts of kindness and appreciation.

This year we will have been married 25 years.

Bride & groom kissing
Our wedding nearly 25 years ago.

Good grief.

A quarter of a century!

All that time… and it’s still only our Silver Wedding Anniversary!

I jest.

In all truth I don’t think we would have got this far if we didn’t appreciate each other, and didn’t tell each other as such.

We’re very good at spending time talking things through, we share all decisions and are very much in an equal partnership.

I know many people are not so lucky.

With all the violence and anger we’ve seen in the past week, let alone the past few years, maybe we do need to stop and show those we love how much we appreciate them.

Not just on one day of the year because we’re ‘told’ to do so.

But whenever we can.

Oh and in case you were wondering, Wife Appreciation Day is on the third Sunday in September!

With much appreciation
Ann 🙏

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