What is mindfulness?

How often do you find yourself walking or running and completely lost in thought?

I’ve actually written lectures in my head while walking!

I know many people listen to music or podcasts to try to focus their mind more.

But how about this for a radical idea… how about turning your attention to where you are? Really noticing what’s around you – paying attention to what can you see, hear and feel.

This is essentially what mindfulness is all about. Being aware of what’s happening right now.

Here’s another example:

How often do you eat your lunch while scrolling through cat videos (I’m so guilty of this!), reading emails or checking social media? Instead look at what you are eating – pay attention to how it looks as well as its taste and smell. I can almost guarantee you will enjoy it much more.

We can apply mindfulness to almost any aspect of our lives, at any time. We just have to choose to look up and see.

Blue sky and the sun behind gum trees
Just look up and see

I think this Zen proverb sums it up perfectly:

When walking, walk.

When eating, eat.

It’s as simple as that.

Ann 🙏

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