Healthy, wealthy and wise

My husband and I were recenty on holiday on the Sunshine Coast – which is a stunning part of the world.

We’d been wandering around looking at these amazing beach and river front houses, gasping at the prices and pondering what the people who owned them must do for a living.

As we walked along the river, we also marvelled at some of the boats cruising up and down.

After a while we decided to grab some lunch and as we sat watching life drift up and down the river, again we considered what it must be like to be so rich.

So wealthy.

To never have to think about that next bill, or how much was currently on the credit card.

When suddenly, from nowhere my husband said: “…but we are wealthy.”

“We have each other, a lovely home, we’re on holiday and able to sit here and take all this in.”

It was such a beautiful observation, and of course so true.

Don’t get me wrong we both have some health issues, life isn’t perfect (it’s not supposed to be!), but still we are so lucky.

From then on we weren’t looking so much at the big houses and boats, we were watching the children play.

River with boats and child playing
Child playing by the river

Such laughter and innocence – yet the look on their faces was as if they had it all – and in that moment they did.

That’s where kids live, in the moment, fascinated by whatever is in front of them at that time.

Be it the box a gift came in, an ant scurrying on the floor, or every truck that passes them on the road.

That child like curiosity that sees life as it is, right now.

Our lives aren’t rich with money and things – it’s the people we have around us and what we do with our time.

The Taiwanese Buddhist nun (also known as the Mother Theresa of Asia) Cheng Yen is quoted as saying:

“Having a wider heart and mind is more important than having a larger house.”

How true is that?

Take some time today to think about what truly makes you ‘wealthy’.

Ann 🙏

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