Winter is coming…

I don’t know about you, but I’m really feeling the cold at the moment.

A bizarre thing to say really, living in Queensland, Australia, but it’s true.

Queensland is known affectiontely as the Sunshine State and it’s really living up to its name at the moment – with clear blue skies and sunshine during the day.

But boy, does that temperature drop as soon as the sun starts to go down!

Sun behind gum trees
A Queensland winter sky

Winter is definitely coming.

Coming from the UK originally I’ve always found it odd that in Australia – it’s usually colder indoors than out.

Everything is designed around our hot summers with wide eaves and air conditioning.

So I’ve become used to putting on a layer of clothing to go inside (especially workplaces, theatres and shops!) and stripping off that layer when I go back outside.

Usually I have a very clear idea of the meditation technique I’m going to guide well ahead of a session, but yesterday I wasn’t 100% sure.

When I arrived at the venue and realised how cold it was inside (even without air conditioning) it became crystal clear.

I would invite the participants to bring a sense of warm relaxation into their bodies.

I’m more used to doing it the other way around – bringing in a sense of coolness – but I thought I’d give it a go, and it worked.

By the time we started resting in silence I could almost feel a sweat on the back of my neck!

Another participant said they had really been able to feel a sense of warmth spreading through their bodies.

It’s amazing what we can achieve when we focus our attention away from all the noise and chatter in our heads.

Here’s wishing you some warmth this winter 🙏

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