Live life longer – breathe now!

You come across some daft things from time to time!

A friend recently noticed a bizarre question being posed by a UK lunchtime TV show called Loose Women.

As my friend shared it on social media he quipped: “I‘m occasionally asked if I miss working in the media. Here’s the answer…”

Woman on TV show with words reading 'Could breathing help you live longer?'
TV screenshot ‘Could breathing help you live longer?’

In journalism you’re told there’s no such thing as a stupid question – in other words – ask everything, cover all your bases so you get the whole picture, all the facts available etc.

But then, just occasionally, there is a really stupid question, such as this.

A slight tweak to ask ‘can breathing differently…, or deeper…’ etc would easily have fixed this.

But whoever typed the question on screen to get the discussion going, really didn’t read it through, or think it through and clearly there was no sub-editor or producer taking any notice.

Breathing is a fundamental function of life.

Without breath, you cannot live.

Therefore, of course breathing can help you live longer!

It reminds me of the sexist and stereotypical ‘dumb blonde’ jokes of the 1980s.

Where apparently a woman can’t remember to breathe without hearing the words: ‘breathe in… breathe out’.

We can all say and write dumb things from time to time.

This is why it’s good to slow down, take that deep breath and re-read what you have written, before hitting send or publish.

Now – more than ever before – if we say or write something ‘dumb’ there will be someone who sees it, records it and republishes it before we’ve even noticed or realised.

Hence my friend spotting the above.

So take the time to breathe in… and out.

Take the time to notice you are breathing in… and out.

Apparently, you may just live longer😉


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