Sock it to ’em…

When I was teaching journalism we always used to joke that there’s a day for everything.

But it’s true.

International Coffee Day.

International Face and Body Art Day.

Seriously, look them up if you don’t believe me!

With a little bit of research the students could find what day it was, and as long as they could get someone to talk about it – we could turn it into a story – albeit a bit quirky.

So I had to smile when I noticed that today (May 8) is No Socks Day.

Who’d have thought – the humble sock.

But socks have become quite the fashion statement these days, and for some companies they’re its core business.

Think Happy Socks and The Sockery, for instance.

At first when I saw No Socks Day I thought that’s daft, but then I thought actually no, it can lead to a great mindfulness practice.

So take your socks off (if you’re wearing any) and give this a go…

You can sit or stand to do this, in fact you might like to try both…

And it doesn’t matter where you are – in your home, the garden, your workplace, or at the beach.

Two pairs of feet on a beach
Beach Grounding. Photo by Ann Lund.

Place your bare feet on the floor or ground…

Really feel the ground beneath your feet…

Is it rough or smooth…?

Cold or warm…?

What can you feel?

Let your toes move around feeling the textures against your feet (this is particulary good if you’re on grass or sand).

You might like to close your eyes and really focus on what you can feel through your feet…

Take your time, and enjoy.

You can do this for as long as you like.

Essentially it’s a basic grounding (or earthing practice).

Connecting with the ground beneath you.

If you’re outdoors – you might have a sensation of connecting with nature.

Practising mindfulness brings you into the present moment (what’s happening right now) and can be very calming.

The best thing is it’s free, easy and you can do it anywhere.

Oh and by the way, tomorrow is Lost Sock Memorial Day. Seriously!

Ann 🙏

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